A Nowrouz Recipe: Sabi Polou and Fish

4 Serving

Rice 500 gram
Herbs (parsley, dill, coriander, fenugreek, spring onion ends) 1 kg
Cooking oil
Fresh lime juice 0,5 cup
Extra virgin olive oil 0,5 cup
Coriander 50 gram
Mint 50 gram
Saffron 0,5 tea spoon
Black pepper

Wash herbs and cop finely, then add salt and black pepper. Boil the rice, each glass with 1,5 glasses of water. After it is half cooked and rinsed, mix it with herbs and continue cooking. When the water is absorbed completely, make the heat low for 30 minutes in order for the rice to get ready.

Sabi Polou is usually served with fish. Cut fish length wise from below. Remove inside then wash inside and out, and dry throughly. Place each side under gill at higher temperature for 5 -10 minutes so that skin dries up. Remove fish and separate skin which should come of easily.

Prepare sauce as following: wash and finely chopped coriander, parsley and mint. Add lime juice, olive oil, saffron, salt, black pepper and mix well.

Cover suitable pan with aluminium foil and place fish on the top. Add the sauce both side as well as inside. Cover with the sheet of aluminum foil and cook in the oven at medium temperature for 45 minute to the one hour. Note however that exact cooking time depends on the cook type.

Add more sauce 2-3 time during cooking. When cooked, decorate fish parsley. Serve with Sabzi Polou. It is customary to serve fish with Sabzi Polou on Naurouz party.


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