Learning Javanese: Greetings

Each culture has it's own way to addressing and greetings to other. Some ways are familiar to many nations but some other are exclusive to particular culture, even subculture.

It is perfectly alright to translate English greetings to Javanese language, with a little adjustment as regards to the parts of the day in tropical Indonesia.

Sugeng rawuh Welcome
Sugeng enjing Good morning
Sugeng siang Good day
Sugeng sonten Good afternoon
Sugeng ndalu Good night or Good evening
Sugeng makarya Good luck for beginning work
Sugeng tanggap warsa Happy brithday
Sugeng thindak Good bye
Pie kabaré, Kepriwe kabaré? How are you?
Apik Fine
Enyong lagi ora penak awak I am not so good
Mriang Sick


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